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Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018


The New Vision Baptist Church was first conceived as a church plant possibility in 1994 when the Pastor and Mrs. Ronald Crawford were confronted by Pastor Clifford Ashe from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who had successfully planted church two years earlier.

May 1996....

Accompanied by his core team of about thirty-five pioneers, Pastor Crawford began services in a second floor office building on May 5, 1996, around the corner from the 8 Crain Highway worship site, in Bowie, Maryland. At that time functional ministries such as hospitality, financial and praise team were formed to prepare our congregation for worship.

Due to unexpected delays that occurred while preparing the 8 Crain Highway site and also because we had outgrown the office space; on May 26, 1996, New Vision held service in Largo, Maryland, in Pastor and Mrs. Crawford's backyard. One hundred thirty nine worshippers were in attendance that day for the worship service and fellowship picnic.

June 1996....

For the next two months, beginning June 9, 1996, worship service was held under a tent, on the parking lot around the corner from where the new church would soon be.

August 1996....

Further delays in occupying the worship place continued to confront the New Vision congregation. Worship services were moved from the tent to a nearby restaurant, The McJess Oasis Restaurant, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Delanta Mills.

September 1996....

On September 1, 1996 the New Vision Restoration Choir made its debut at the McJess Oasis Restaurant.

October 1996....

New Vision Baptist Church humbly entered its newly renovated place of worship at 8 Crain Highway on October 6, 1996.

February 1997....

New Vision's quick development caused the Mideast Baptist Conference (MBC) to recommend it for affiliation as a MBC church from the previous designation as a church plant.

March 1997....

The Women's Ministry was established in March 1997.

May 1997....

Our first anniversary of the founding of our church was held during the week of May 4-10, 1997. We culminated that week of celebration with "An Ole' Fashion Southern Anniversary Luncheon" held at the Historic Billingsley Mansion grounds, Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

On Friday, May 15, 1997, Dr. Dan Peterson, Executive Minister, Mideast Baptist Conference made the official adoption of New Vision Baptist Church into the Baptist General Conference at the Annual Mideast Baptist Conference.

December 1997....

In December 1997, Kevin C. Jones was licensed to the Gospel Ministry.

April 1998....

On April 5, 1998 (Palm Sunday), a new 7:30am worship service was added to ease the capacity crowds at our then 10:00am worship service. Sixty people attended that first 7:30am worship service.

June 1998 ....

In June 1998, New Vision sent out its first mission team to Chicago, Illinois to work with the Agape Ministry.

April 1999....

On April 10, 1999, The Drama Ministry made its debut with the production of "Jesus and Twelve from the Hood."

June 1999....

On June 23, 1999, Pastor Crawford instituted the Noonday Bible class taught by Mrs. Lena Reams.

February 2000....

The New Vision Drama Department presented a "SOLD OUT" production titled, "Going Thru Hell to Get to Heaven." The performance was held at The Publick Playhouse in Hyattsville, Maryland.

July 2000....

On July 10, 2000, the New Vision leadership accompanied the Pastor as they explored a prospective property at 11911 Lanham-Severn Road -The Moose Lodge of Bowie, Maryland.

On July 23, 2000, First Lady Brenda Crawford was commissioned as Minister of Women's Affairs.

December 2000 ....

On December 31, 2000, New Vision held its New Year's Eve celebration at 11911 Lanham-Severn Road in the form of a drama titled, "Shop Talk."

March 2001 ....

NVCB entered into a Tenant Representation Agreement with Scheer Partners, Inc. to locate church facilities for New Vision. Their first prospect for New Vision was the 5001 Forbes Boulevard property in Lanham, Maryland.

On March 18, 2001, New Vision Baptist Church's name became New Vision Church (NVC).

March 2002 ....

By March 10, 2002, NVC secured a signed lease for a new church location - 2100 Crain Highway, Bowie, Maryland (previously known as the "Final Score," and prior to that known as "The McJess Oasis Restaurant," owned by the Mills Family).

On March 16, 2002, Minister Kevin C. Jones was ordained.

April 2002 ....

On April 14, 2002, Kevin and Angela Montague, Mrs. Lena Reams, Larry Paige and Jonathan Mickles were licensed to preach the Gospel.

On April 28, 2002, the last worship service was held at 8 Crain Highway, Bowie, Maryland, our home for the last six years.

May 2002 ....

On Sunday, May 5, 2002, we celebrated our sixth anniversary and our first worship service in our new location at 2100 Crain Highway in Bowie, Maryland.

Service Time & Location

Service: Sunday 10:30am
Office: Tu-Th, 8am-3pm

2100 Crain Hwy
Bowie, MD 20716
301-218-1555 (Office)
301-218-1557 (Fax)

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